Industrial development can generally be grouped in to Warehouse, Manufacturing and Storage Facilities.   Warehouse and Storage are low impact industrial uses and are consistent in most industrial zones.

Permits are generally not required for these uses in industrial zones so long as the minimum required car parks are provided and access is sufficient. Even development and building works in some council’s may be exempt from planning permission and only require building or operational works permits.

Manufacturing is considered a higher impact industrial use due to its potential for off site amenity impacts like odour, traffic and noise. There are high impact industrial zones where manufacturing uses are consistent, but they often require planning permission so that the council and State Government can keep an eye on any environmental nasties that you may produce directly or inadvertently.

Urban design in Industrial Zones is quintessential in this day and age. The council and community expect an effort in your building design with an obvious office or entry point fronting the street, minimal roller doors and blank concrete walls,  more permeable surfaces by reducing the hard stand areas and lots of landscaping surrounding the site to soften the visual impacts.